Membership Fees

Club Membership Fees For Year 1/10/2017 -30/09/2018

Archers of Underwood club fees is made up of two parts:

  1. Affiliation to ArcheryGB provides public liability insurance when shooting to AGB rules of shooting at a recognised Archery venue.  It also provides Coach, Judges and club development.
  2. Annual Club fees – these are a once a year payment, Archers of Underwood do not have separate shooting fees. The club fee year runs from 1st October to 30th Sept.
The total club fees (including all affiliations) are on a pro-rata bases depending when you join.
Senior (aged 25 and over)
Fees as of 1st October 2016 Full Year Jan-March Apr-Jun Jul-Sept
ArcheryGB, WAA & GCAA Fees  
£67.00 £67.00 £34.00  £29.00
Club Fees £100 £100 £50 £50
Total  £167      
 Senior aged 18 to 25 and disabled members club fees as above, ArcheryGB, WAA & GCAA fess £34.00 full year.
Juniors (aged under 18)
Fees as of 1st October 2016 Full Year Jan-Mar Apr-Jun Jul-Sept
GNAS (Archery GB) Fees £16.00         £16.00           £16.00                £16.00                   
Club Fees £55.00  £55.00  £22.50  £22.50
Total £71.00  £71.00  £38.50  £38.50

* Pro-Rata fee if applicable

The ArcheryGB, Gwent county and Welsh Archery Association part of the fee is payable in full when you join, as the club pays this direct to ArcheryGB. The Club fee part is payable in full or monthly via standing order.

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